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The Sports Portal, formerly known as Amateur Sports Insider, is a leading sports media platform dedicated to amateur sports. With a focus on providing comprehensive coverage and engaging content, The Sports Portal aims to be the go-to destination for athletes, teams, and fans alike.


The Sports Portal, a sports social media platform, needed a dynamic landing page to showcase the features and offerings of their app, which is their main product. They required a visually appealing and informative landing page that would effectively communicate the value proposition of their app and encourage users to sign up. Additionally, they sought to create a seamless and engaging user experience while highlighting the unique features of the app.


We developed a comprehensive solution for The Sports Portal, designing both the UI/UX and the landing page. Using NextJS as the framework, React as the frontend library, and JavaScript as the programming language, we ensured a modern and responsive design. TailwindCSS was used for styling, and ShadCN for UI components, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Firebase was leveraged for database and storage, enabling us to create a dynamic and responsive landing page that effectively showcased the app's features.

The landing page design focused on highlighting key features such as live updates, social sharing, and community engagement. We incorporated interactive elements like sliders, animations, and videos to make the page engaging and informative. Clear call-to-action buttons were strategically placed to encourage users to sign up for the app.


The new landing page has been a resounding success for The Sports Portal, effectively showcasing the features and offerings of their app. The visually appealing design and informative content have helped attract new users and generate interest in the app. The clear call-to-action buttons have led to an increase in sign-ups and user engagement, contributing to the overall growth and success of The Sports Portal as a leading sports social media platform.

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